Major Beauregard “Butch” Guiying

Browncoat raider turned criminal warlord


Butch Guiying is one of the reasons folk still look down on Browncoats so long after the War ended. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Independents thanks to a nasty mix of tactical genius and zero sympathy for anyone directly connected to the Alliance. His guerrilla raids helped Independents win a handful of battles throughout the War. Some armchair historians wonder if his presence on Hera could have turned the tide of battle at Serenity Valley, but Butch was deep behind enemy lines during the Battle of Serenity Valley. He preferred it that way. His unit was never up for much of a straight up fight, preferring to rob, burn, and ambush their way through peaceful Alliance-held worlds.

The end of the War didn’t mean Butch was ready to beat his bloody blade into a plowshare. He still claims he fights for the undying Independent cause, but in reality he’s set himself up as a mercenary warlord. He’ll hire himself out to whoever meets his price. If nobody is hirin’, he’ll plan a job on his own and take what he wants. Many of the members of his unit are now part of his gang. They do the same things they’ve been doing since the War—now they just get to keep the spoils rather than deliver supplies to other units.

Major Beauregard “Butch” Guiying

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