Guotin “Sharklip” Shen

Triad Gangster


Sharklip grew up on the nearby planet of Persephone. He spent most of his days as a kid runnin’ through Eavesdown Docks, skimming whatever cargo he could from unwatched crates and sellin’ the goods to vendors for cheap. He got his name from a run-in with the knife belonging to a member of a less savory transport crew. He worked his way through the Triad organization on Persephone until he was offered a position on Renao. Unsure if this was a promotion or a rival getting him out of the way, Shen took the job. Running a casino fit Sharklip like one of his finely tailored suits.

He soon set about turning Shenandoah Rush into a profit center for the Triad. Though he holds no official position with the casino, everyone who works there knows he is the man who gets things done. He’s got an extensive line of credit on the floor, but he rarely gambles among the unwashed masses. His clout allows him a private table in his private penthouse. Shen plays cards here but also uses it to discuss business with other syndicates.

Guotin “Sharklip” Shen

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