A Double Serving of Trouble

A Damsel, Interrupted

Things are going shiny! Felicia’s tragic death at the hands of the Triad looks to have gone off without a hitch, the stars are ready and waiting for the next job and the crew’s eager to find some place to offload all of these guns that they.


Nearly everyone’s on the deck retchin’ up their mornin’ vittles. Even the doc’s pukin’ his guts out.

Where are we? What happened?

Cole notices right away, both before and after the strange, blinding blur of sickyness that something’s up with the weapons they’ve got stored away.

It takes a bit of digging and searching but the crew eventually discovers a few things:

  1. They went from the Georgia system to the Blue Sun system in a heartbeat.
  2. These guns (through some hackin’ and searchin’) are nearly spent and are powered by some sort of energy that shouldn’t be possible.
  3. Burying evidence in squat-soil is their MO.

The ship’s ship-shape and they’re scooting off to the Kalidasa system in search of a job (hey, we’re on a Mudder’s Milk carton!) but they’re down to one of these shiny shooters and only three others in a still-functional-but-questionable state.


ajdykstr kevin_salcedo

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