Ronald Newburn

Beer Baron


Signature Assets

Trusty Colt Pistol D8


Mental D8
Physical D8
Social D8


Craft D4
Know D6
Sneak D6
Drive D4
Labor D6
Survive D4
Fight D8
Move D4
Throw D4
Fix D4
Notice D4
Treat D4
Fly D4
Operate D4
Trick D10
Focus D8
Perform D4
Influence D10
Shoot D10


D8 Bigwig – Focus, Shoot, Trick
D8 Sly Devil – Fight, Influence, Trick
D8 Shadow of the War – Fight, Focus, Sneak


Ron has been hiring mercenaries to steal the beer and resell it in the White Sun system. Ron actually runs a brewery in the White Sun system that is trying to move from low end lagers up to the more high end beers, but is having trouble cracking the market.

Ronald Newburn

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