Cole Michaels

Ship's Mechanic



  • Mental: D8
  • Physical: D10
  • Social: D6


  • Craft: D4
  • Drive: D4
  • Fight (knives): D10
  • Fix: D12
  • Fly: D4
  • Focus: D8
  • Influence: D4
  • Know (Electrical Repairs): D8
  • Labor: D4
  • Move: D4
  • Notice: D10
  • Operate: D8
  • Perform: D4
  • Shoot: D4
  • Sneak (hide in plain sight): D8
  • Survive: D4
  • Throw: D4
  • Treat: D4
  • Trick: D4


D8 Ship’s Mechanic

  • Use this as a D4 to earn 1PP

D8 Hypochondriac

  • Use this as a D4 to earn 1PP
  • Walking Medical Encyclopedia: When treating a Crewmember’s injury or medical condition, you may use Know instead of Treat, but both 1s and 2s count as jinxes.

D8 Shadow of the War

  • Use this as a D4 to earn 1PP
  • Nightmares: Start every Episode with an Exhausted D6 Complication. Step it up to reroll the dice on an Action. Once it exceeds D12, you are out until given medical treatment.

Signature Assets

  • D8 Rusty Toolbox – Cole’s first toolbox he could affort after the war. Has a really complete set of tools, but sometimes they break or don’t quite fit.
  • D6 Kbar – Old style military knife.

Somewhere in his mid-thirties with average height and weight. Looks like any bloke, but really suffering in the expressiveness department.

Part of a Browncoats SpecOps team, Blake’s Irregulars, which were responsible for a number of infiltrations and sabotage. After the war, went back to college to find a useful skill.

Cole Michaels

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