A Double Serving of Trouble

Why Does Everything Keep Exploding

The crew has been doing odd jobs trying to make money and avoid the Triad for the short term. While running hard, they are headed toward Regina, suddenly the ship starts shaking and the heat generator comes out of alignment and causes an explosion that cripple the ship and concuss the Captain Manny.

Han takes control and guides the ship, 2Posh4U, to a trading outpost on the planet Summerhome. Upon landing, they find the outpost more heavily fortified than the last time Han had passed through. As they exit the ship, they find the town’s folk are not really cool with the crew and are treating them with a high degree of suspicion. Luckily the party was able to talk their way back into good graces and they find that the outpost has been hearing rumors of Reavers and it just had the town on edge.

Cole Michaels tells the rest of the crew what parts they need to get and that he will start on repairs. The doctor works on Captain Manny back in the med bay. The rest of the crew book passage on local transport to head into the main town as that is their best likelihood of picking up the needed parts from Marla’s Ships and Supplies.

The crew makes their way across the desert but during the trip, their non-communicative driver is caught in a blast and the engine explodes in a ball of fire. They are able to get the fire out and begin to radio back for help, but they really have no idea where they are at other than being about half way to their objective. They build a fire to signal rescuers by and begin to hunker down in the heat using their best crafted hats that they can do.

After some time, the get through their meager water supplies and a small number of them head up to a ridge to see what they can see. From the top they see a pond of water in the distance and begin their journey towards it only to find that they are fired upon by some locals. After Han takes a shot to the shoulder, Jade is able to convince them that they don’t want any trouble. With a little more smooth talking, they find out they are near William’s Watershed and are able to radio to friend of one of the crew their location and are rescued.

When they arrive back, they find that Cole was able to put the ship back together without the parts, and the crew gets moving, heading back to Regina. On take off, they find that a large number of Triad vessels are headed their way, but with some more crafty flying from Han, they are able to avoid detection and skip out of town before the Triad get close.


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