A Double Serving of Trouble

Robin Hood?

Finding themselves deep in the Blue Sun System, the Crew begins the long careful trek back towards more civilized space. As they are making their way back, Captain Manny receives a call from home. When he comes out from his office, he tells the crew he needs to get to Persephone in the Lux system. The crew becomes concerned and the doctor goes and makes sure that all is ok with Manny. where they find out that something has happened to his family and he needs to get to one of the offices and get setup.

The crew plots an approach with one that runs near a port to pick up both fuel and cargo. Han plots the course and works out the deal with the shipping guild to make the pickup at New Kasmir in the Kalidasa system. The sharpshooter, John, picks up a new pistol with silencer which he calls Backstab.

On the trip, Felicia talks to the crew and lets them know that she will be stopping at Persephone, and also to ask if they wanted to help her out with a little bit of extra work that she has lined up. With a little bit more discussion, the crew learns that Felicia sees herself as a bit of a Robin Hood where she is working to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor. The party seems taken aback by this, but after a bit of debate, they agree that they will help as they don’t know what they will do once Manny arrives at Persephone.

Felicia is targeting John Templeton, a famous fashion designer and clothing manufacturer. He recently has acquired a diamond that he has stored on his estate. Felicia plans on heading straight to his primary office and clothing store, attempting to use her feminine wiles and steal the code. Once she has the code, she will transfer this code to the crew. It is up to them to figure out how to complete the mission while she works to maintain his attention.

The party drops off Felicia, while they try and gain information about Mr. Templeton and his estate. While digging for information, they find that Templeton seems to be a decent guy, but not overly friendly. He hires a pretty big staff of blue collar workers in the area and lives in one of the nicer neighborhoods outside Aventador. While digging for information, John manages to find out that he not nearly as charming as he thought he is when dealing with some of the woman in the establishment.

After getting what information they can, they travel to near the estate and are able to blend in while they scope out the building, waiting for Felicia to contact them. As they wait, they see a limo pull into the drive, out stepping Felicia and Mr. Templeton. A few minutes later, they get a text from Felicia with a four digit code.

Han confronts the guards on the estate ground and plays up his persona of being a design student who wishes to meet Mr. Templeton. While they are distracted, John and the Doctor sneak in through another entrance using the code and start heading to the green house that was described by Felicia. After using the code again, they find themselves in the green house where there are many different colored roses and near each cluster of color is a gem stone of that color. They find the white roses and in a glass case in a enormous diamond.

The doctor tries the code again, but it doesn’t seem to work on the glass case. He tries another code that is his favorite, 1-2-3-4, which does not work. Han continues to work his magic with the guards. The doctor decides to crack the case on the keypad and is able to short out the connection and he is able to get the diamond out of the case. Where they bolt for it and contact Felicia.

Once they all meet up back at the ship, they head over to the Abbey where Felicia heads in. A little bit later she heads back and hands them a cred stick. She mentions her thanks and asks them for future aid. The crew heads back to the dock where they are contacted by Manny telling them that he won’t be continuing on with them for now until things work out.


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