A Double Serving of Trouble

Monks and Drunks

After Captain Manny returns to normal life with gasp responsibilities, the crew gets on trying to find a new ship to call home out in the ’Verse. Luckily John is able to work out a deal with his Uncle Frank to take ownership of the family vessel, the “Nom Mer”.

Shortly after getting ahold of the new ship, they are contacted by Sprucefall Abbey. They are looking for a crew that can help them out where the Alliance has failed them. The crew head on over to the Kalidasa System to the terraformed moon Lennox to meet with Father Anders.

Father Anders is the master brewer for Sprucefall Abbey which is renowned through the ’Verse for their premium beers. He offers some to the crew as he gives them a tour of the facilities. As they move about, he explains that the Abbey has fallen on some hard times. One of their two cargo ships has been hijacked and stolen. There were three previous hijackings, but they took the beer and left, but this last one left the crew dead the ship missing.

Father Anders asks the crew if they would be willing to make sure their last remaining cargo ship makes it safely to Three Hills in the Georgia System for a cut of the revenue from the shipment. The crew agrees to take it on but decides to do a bit of digging before the cargo ship takes off. The first thing they do is plant a tracking device in among the beer and also talk to the crew that was previously hijacked. The find Brother Silas and he tells them that it is a smaller cargo ship that is armed and carries a mercenary crew. Finally the crew does some Cortex searches and discovers that the missing Baumstark class ship recently dropped off a shipment on Albion in the White Sun System. There have been an influx in the number of checkins in the last wee on social apps related to the ship and an boon of cheaper, great beer wherever it goes.

The crew talk to the beer distributor, Doer and Doer, on Three Hills to see if there have been any sort of rival beers trying to make inroads, but that lead turns up dry. The plan at this point seems to be follow the cargo ship at a safe distance in the Nom Mer and watch the tracking device and the crew. In addition, they talked to Father Anders to get him to operate with a skeleton crew just for safety reasons.

The crew takes off and follows as the cargo ship moves from the Kalidasa System to the White Sun System. Everything is mostly quiet except that they are intercepted by an Alliance Cruiser, the [[I.A.V. Cortez]] as they move into the White Sun System. This causes the ship to be separated from the cargo ship for a brief amount of time, but some quick thinking from the crew and they are able to get loose from the Alliance and catch up to the Sprucefall vessel.

The rest of the White Sun System goes by without any issues but as they get closer to the no man’s land between the White Sun System and Georgia System, the crew gets a bad feeling. The Nom Mer continues to hang back, and they are able to spot a ship come in hard and fast on the Sprucefall cargo ship. Han skillfully navigates the Nom Mer to dock with the cargo ship without being seen.

John and Cole head into the ship at cargo bay 5. The mercenary vessel is docked at cargo bay 1. They are able to sneak their way forward and find there are 4 mercenaries loading beer from the Sprucefall ship to their ship. So far they have not seen any sign of the crew. Cole takes an opportunity to sneak toward the bridge and he finds that the crew is being guarded by a single guard. Rather than risk confrontation, he sneaks back and finds that the crew has moved to cargo bay 2. Taking a chance he tries and plants a tracking device on the mercenary vessel. He is able to plant it, but panics and cracks his skull on the bulk head leading to his capture.

John waits for a while and then calls Cole’s comms. No one answers for a while but suddenly someone answers and tells him to come to the bridge or else the concussed guy dies. John finds a place to hide his weapon, puts on a pair of coveralls and makes his way forward where he finds some guards waiting for him. They escort him to the bridge where he finds Cole and the crew tied up along with a guard.

They tie him up and leave him with the crew while some of the guards go back to work loading beer. He listens in while the guard on the room talks to someone on his comm. He mentions capturing some hidden crew and mentions that they are almost finished loading. After a while he checks his cortex device and places a call to the mercenary crew telling them to not finish off cargo bay 2 because they need room for one prisoner.

John does some quick thinking and asks for a bathroom break which they begrudgingly give him. Gas station curry is the worst and doesn’t sit well with poor John. Two guards escort him to the bathroom but refuse to give him the privacy he needs. About that time, the crew of the Nom Mer get a brilliant idea to hack the doors. Doc Ellard and Gus sneak on board and trigger the hull breach alarm without creating an actual hull breach. Doing so slams the door between cargo bay 4 and 5 shut. The guards that were working on cargo bay 2 head immediately to cargo bay 3 where Han is able to slam shut the doors trapping them in cargo bay 3. The guards from the front of the ship slam the bathroom door shut and run to the back of the ship to figure out what the breach is only to have Han trap two of them in cargo bay 2.

John sneaks out of the bathroom and takes out the guard there, stealing his rifle. John then moves up to cargo bay 1 and captures the pilot of the mercenary vessel. From there the crew moves forward capturing the guards in cargo bay 3. However when they try for the guards in cargo bay 2, they find that they fight back. Unfortunately with some crack shooting by Doc Ellard and John, they are able to kill the remaining mercenaries.

With the crew free and the mercenaries handled, the crew splits up with some remaining on the ship to handle the prisoners and the others flying the Nom Mer towards Three Hills. They complete their delivery and hand over the mercenaries and their craft to the local authorities for processing before heading back out into space.


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