A Double Serving of Trouble

Kidnapping the Lumber Baron's Lady

The party picked up a distress call from a Travis Tucker asking for help on the planet, Fiddler’s Green. His fiancee was missing and her apartment was ransacked. The party investigated the apartment with Mr. Tucker and they started to get a sneaking suspicion that maybe Felicia was not kidnapped and might have had help from some miners. While searching the apartment, a crew member who was still back on the ship noticed they were being watched. He was able to flip the tables on the watching and was propositioned for a job to transport a specific size wooden box by a powerfully ugly woman.

Mr. Tucker drove some of the crew back to the ship while one member when door to door asking questions and another headed off to checkin at the Miner’s Guild. Going door to door turned up not much other than some unusual folks visiting a few weeks back and a loud racket the night of the disappearance. Over at the Miner’s Guild, Han Nickelson was able to talk to a store owner, Dale, who used to be friends with the father of Travis. He mentions selling boots to a couple of unusual folks.

When the party gets back together, they start piecing the story into place and decide to give a call to Ms. Carson and take on the job. She agrees to meet at The Lively Sprite to discuss some questions she had about the crew and their history. The Captain is able to put her at ease and she agrees to the deal and lets them know it is Felicia in the crate.

On the way back to the ship, the crew notices that there is an increase in Triad activity and decide they should get air born and let Harriett that they need to change the pickup location. They get airborn, convince Travis that they are doing this because of security at the dock and are able to meet the new rendezvous.

Once they have Felicia on board, they discuss options with her and decide to help her out and make a fake Felicia that they can use to show she died after being caught in a shoot out with the Triad.


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