A Double Serving of Trouble

Fish Out of Water

Manny and his crew are met by the sheriff on Greenleaf and is asked to transport his beloved Koi to his sister on Persephone. They agreed in return for a future favor and also a good deal on some local ore to transport. They went to the local mining company to setup the transaction which turned out to be for the lowest grade ore. Luckily Gus Pucket was able to use his family’s business, Pucket’s Buckets Mining Company to get samples and to work out a deal on the better quality ore.

Upon taking off, the crew discovers they are being followed by what appears to be a Triad vessel. Luckily some fancy flying by Han Nickelson and the use of their EMP allowed them to escape by disabling their vessel. At this point, they decide they need to know what is in the crate and if it really is a beloved Koi. Unfortunately, when they open the crate, it does appear to be a plain old Koi. But the doctor, acting on a hunch, decides to take it to the medical suite to scan it and discovers some foreign materials in the fish. They decide to seal the crate back up with the fish in it and continue on to Persephone.

Upon arrival, they find that the sister isn’t working that day. So they chill out in the lobby while the manager of the trading office calls her in to take delivery of the fish. After a few minutes they realize that something has gone awry and the local police has shown up saying they are under arrest for narcotics smuggling. Han surrenders and says that it was all his doing.

Once they get him into the police station, he asks for his one call and gets the head of the trade guild, he works for, and is able to get out of jail with a free ride back to the ship. The guild makes it clear that Han owes them on.


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