A Double Serving of Trouble

Bucking the Tiger

As the crew leaves their last job, they get a wave from Han’s old friend Annie Foy. Annie has just come into a bit of money and wants to pay Han back for all the help and cash from the past. She says that she has gotten a steady gig at the Shenandoah Rush casino on Renao near Persephone. She offers the crew a week’s stay at the casino as well as some money to pay off her debt to Han, which the crew readily accepts.

When the crew arrives at the casino, they find themselves face to face with Sheriff Cao who says that he is planning on keeping an eye on them because he has heard rumors of the trouble that they can cause. He reminds them that while this is a casino, they like to keep their family friendly atmosphere. After his friendly greeting, he sends them over to the front desk where the crew finds that Annie has them in one of the nicer rooms and that they already have dinner reservations for The Columbia Gem, which is the finest dining that the casino has to offer. The concierge suggests that they have some finer clothes tailored and sent to the room if they plan on going.

The crew heads to the room to clean up and learn more about what there is to do around town including checking out some of the attractions. They find that some fine garments have arrived at the room about an hour before they are scheduled to have dinner with Annie. They head down to the restaurant and do there drink orders while they await Annie, but time passes and Annie hasn’t shown yet. Finally Han gets worried and heads off to find Annie. When they arrive at Annie’s dressing room they find the door open and spot the blood on the carpet to find their friend on the floor. With her dying breath, she says a single word, “Faro” while her hand is gripping an Alliance Pin. They do what they can to save her but it is to no avail. Sheriff Cao arrives and immediately is suspicious of the crew and throws them in a cell.

The sheriff interrogates them and is able to show them a wad of cash which they tell him matches the amount that Annie was planning on giving them. All in all, it doesn’t look like a robbery and the sheriff doesn’t feel like this has been done by the crew, so he offers them the cash in order to buy in to the Faro tournament being held by Guotin Shen. His current guess is that is why Annie said Faro was that it was one of the players who committed the crime. The crew agrees to dig into this crime and vow to head off and meet with Mr. Shen to get an entry into the tournament.

John and Gus head down to see if they can dig up any information about the who’s who and happenings around the casino. They happen upon the blacksmith, Sheila, who while making John special knifing glove gives them quite a bit of information. Her biggest concern was that it looked like they were going to get rid of her exhibit which was more of a historical representation of the old west and used her two specialties which was smithing and history lessons. She also tells them that “Sharklip” Shen was part of the Triad and is the local Red Pole heading up the local contingent. Sharklip had been the one to hire Annie to replace “Moanin’” Lisa, who was the previous marquee act. Also, she had heard the Shen liked to use the Faro game as a way to conduct business.

Doc and Han head over to the Robber Baron’s, which is a restaurant built into a replica train where Mr Shen likes to take his meals. Han and Doc notice the triad guards outside his private dining car. Han does a fancy bit of fast talking and makes it in to talk to Shen and then proceeds to school him in the art of rapid talk as he buys his way into the game of Faro that evening.

The party meets up at the room but when they enter they encounter a group of men who immediately start shooting at the party. Luckily they are about remove the threat and interrogate the remaining gang member who they find out are part of Guiyang’s mercenaries and had served with the Browncoats. However they don’t know who had hired them and the last member refused to talk.

The party end up having dinner at Bunkhouse Vittles while they are trying to figure out what they need to do next. While they are eating they notice that one of the folks seem to not fit in with the normal dress and press of the tourist as she was dressed as a nurse. Doc and John head off to follow her as she leaves the restaurant, remembering that one of the Faro players was a retired Alliance commander who needed medical care. They are able to corner her in the hallway which scares her and she agrees to tell the Colonel that they were ex-soldiers who wanted to visit.

The crew contacts the sheriff to see about finding a new room to use giving the issues they had in the old room. He is able to find them a room and offers to post a guard just to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

In the morning, John and Doc are able to visit with Colonel Baines while Han and Gus work on Faro strategies. John and Doc have breakfast with the Colonel while the nurse works at preparing the room and medication. They talk of the battles that they had fought in and about the upcoming game. They are able to see that the Colonel still has his alliance pin while trying to dig up information.

Later on that day, the crew finds themselves ready for the game. They head over to the south tower of the casino and take the elevator up to the penthouse suite on the 20th floor which is reserved for Mr. Shen. They arrive to find 4 triad guards collecting firearms to store behind the counter before they are allowed in. Upon entering, they see Colonel Baines with his nurse, as well as “Sharklip” Shen. In addition to those two players, they find two other players ready for the game. One introduces herself Cassie who is surrounded by a gaggle of wealthy looking individuals. The other player introduces himself and Butch and has a group he is talking with that have the bearing and haircut to easily mark themselves as military.

The game of Faro soon starts up and Han makes a big initial play to try and push for an early dominance, but quickly finds himself short on chips while the rest of his crew begin to circulate and start talking to the different groups in the room to see if they can drum up some information. While the hands move forwards with some ups and downs for Han, they find that Cassie has a solid alibi in that she was having dinner at the same restaurant they were at during the same time frame. When Han talks to Butch during the break, he tries to get under Butch’s skin, but is able to spot inside his coat a ton of Alliance pins as well as a large Bowie knife at his hip, which matched the wound descriptions that Annie had. As they are starting to sit down for the game, Han quickly tells the triad guards as well as Doc who had been broadcasting the game to the sheriff this whole time.

Right as the game is about to resume, the guard comes over to Shen and whispers into his ear. Shen turns to Butch and yells, “You killed one of my investments.” Butch looks bewildered but says that he had heard that an Alliance agent was supposed to be trying to get access to this game. Shen replies that this show of initiative is going to cost him because he had personally vetted Annie. Butch flips the table and his mercenaries start tangling with people while he makes a break for the door. John makes to follow quickly, while the guards make quick work of the mercenaries. Shen then charges the remaining crew to take care of this problem and eliminate Butch.

Down the elevator and out the door of the casino, they see Butch leap on the back of the nearest horse and start yelling for help in his comm. The crowds of tourist cheer and clap thinking that this is some sort of show while the crew tries to shoot his horse from under him. They confront him outside their ship and are able to take Butch and his mercenaries down and turn Butch over to the Sheriff for justice.

Monks and Drunks

After Captain Manny returns to normal life with gasp responsibilities, the crew gets on trying to find a new ship to call home out in the ’Verse. Luckily John is able to work out a deal with his Uncle Frank to take ownership of the family vessel, the “Nom Mer”.

Shortly after getting ahold of the new ship, they are contacted by Sprucefall Abbey. They are looking for a crew that can help them out where the Alliance has failed them. The crew head on over to the Kalidasa System to the terraformed moon Lennox to meet with Father Anders.

Father Anders is the master brewer for Sprucefall Abbey which is renowned through the ’Verse for their premium beers. He offers some to the crew as he gives them a tour of the facilities. As they move about, he explains that the Abbey has fallen on some hard times. One of their two cargo ships has been hijacked and stolen. There were three previous hijackings, but they took the beer and left, but this last one left the crew dead the ship missing.

Father Anders asks the crew if they would be willing to make sure their last remaining cargo ship makes it safely to Three Hills in the Georgia System for a cut of the revenue from the shipment. The crew agrees to take it on but decides to do a bit of digging before the cargo ship takes off. The first thing they do is plant a tracking device in among the beer and also talk to the crew that was previously hijacked. The find Brother Silas and he tells them that it is a smaller cargo ship that is armed and carries a mercenary crew. Finally the crew does some Cortex searches and discovers that the missing Baumstark class ship recently dropped off a shipment on Albion in the White Sun System. There have been an influx in the number of checkins in the last wee on social apps related to the ship and an boon of cheaper, great beer wherever it goes.

The crew talk to the beer distributor, Doer and Doer, on Three Hills to see if there have been any sort of rival beers trying to make inroads, but that lead turns up dry. The plan at this point seems to be follow the cargo ship at a safe distance in the Nom Mer and watch the tracking device and the crew. In addition, they talked to Father Anders to get him to operate with a skeleton crew just for safety reasons.

The crew takes off and follows as the cargo ship moves from the Kalidasa System to the White Sun System. Everything is mostly quiet except that they are intercepted by an Alliance Cruiser, the [[I.A.V. Cortez]] as they move into the White Sun System. This causes the ship to be separated from the cargo ship for a brief amount of time, but some quick thinking from the crew and they are able to get loose from the Alliance and catch up to the Sprucefall vessel.

The rest of the White Sun System goes by without any issues but as they get closer to the no man’s land between the White Sun System and Georgia System, the crew gets a bad feeling. The Nom Mer continues to hang back, and they are able to spot a ship come in hard and fast on the Sprucefall cargo ship. Han skillfully navigates the Nom Mer to dock with the cargo ship without being seen.

John and Cole head into the ship at cargo bay 5. The mercenary vessel is docked at cargo bay 1. They are able to sneak their way forward and find there are 4 mercenaries loading beer from the Sprucefall ship to their ship. So far they have not seen any sign of the crew. Cole takes an opportunity to sneak toward the bridge and he finds that the crew is being guarded by a single guard. Rather than risk confrontation, he sneaks back and finds that the crew has moved to cargo bay 2. Taking a chance he tries and plants a tracking device on the mercenary vessel. He is able to plant it, but panics and cracks his skull on the bulk head leading to his capture.

John waits for a while and then calls Cole’s comms. No one answers for a while but suddenly someone answers and tells him to come to the bridge or else the concussed guy dies. John finds a place to hide his weapon, puts on a pair of coveralls and makes his way forward where he finds some guards waiting for him. They escort him to the bridge where he finds Cole and the crew tied up along with a guard.

They tie him up and leave him with the crew while some of the guards go back to work loading beer. He listens in while the guard on the room talks to someone on his comm. He mentions capturing some hidden crew and mentions that they are almost finished loading. After a while he checks his cortex device and places a call to the mercenary crew telling them to not finish off cargo bay 2 because they need room for one prisoner.

John does some quick thinking and asks for a bathroom break which they begrudgingly give him. Gas station curry is the worst and doesn’t sit well with poor John. Two guards escort him to the bathroom but refuse to give him the privacy he needs. About that time, the crew of the Nom Mer get a brilliant idea to hack the doors. Doc Ellard and Gus sneak on board and trigger the hull breach alarm without creating an actual hull breach. Doing so slams the door between cargo bay 4 and 5 shut. The guards that were working on cargo bay 2 head immediately to cargo bay 3 where Han is able to slam shut the doors trapping them in cargo bay 3. The guards from the front of the ship slam the bathroom door shut and run to the back of the ship to figure out what the breach is only to have Han trap two of them in cargo bay 2.

John sneaks out of the bathroom and takes out the guard there, stealing his rifle. John then moves up to cargo bay 1 and captures the pilot of the mercenary vessel. From there the crew moves forward capturing the guards in cargo bay 3. However when they try for the guards in cargo bay 2, they find that they fight back. Unfortunately with some crack shooting by Doc Ellard and John, they are able to kill the remaining mercenaries.

With the crew free and the mercenaries handled, the crew splits up with some remaining on the ship to handle the prisoners and the others flying the Nom Mer towards Three Hills. They complete their delivery and hand over the mercenaries and their craft to the local authorities for processing before heading back out into space.

Robin Hood?

Finding themselves deep in the Blue Sun System, the Crew begins the long careful trek back towards more civilized space. As they are making their way back, Captain Manny receives a call from home. When he comes out from his office, he tells the crew he needs to get to Persephone in the Lux system. The crew becomes concerned and the doctor goes and makes sure that all is ok with Manny. where they find out that something has happened to his family and he needs to get to one of the offices and get setup.

The crew plots an approach with one that runs near a port to pick up both fuel and cargo. Han plots the course and works out the deal with the shipping guild to make the pickup at New Kasmir in the Kalidasa system. The sharpshooter, John, picks up a new pistol with silencer which he calls Backstab.

On the trip, Felicia talks to the crew and lets them know that she will be stopping at Persephone, and also to ask if they wanted to help her out with a little bit of extra work that she has lined up. With a little bit more discussion, the crew learns that Felicia sees herself as a bit of a Robin Hood where she is working to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor. The party seems taken aback by this, but after a bit of debate, they agree that they will help as they don’t know what they will do once Manny arrives at Persephone.

Felicia is targeting John Templeton, a famous fashion designer and clothing manufacturer. He recently has acquired a diamond that he has stored on his estate. Felicia plans on heading straight to his primary office and clothing store, attempting to use her feminine wiles and steal the code. Once she has the code, she will transfer this code to the crew. It is up to them to figure out how to complete the mission while she works to maintain his attention.

The party drops off Felicia, while they try and gain information about Mr. Templeton and his estate. While digging for information, they find that Templeton seems to be a decent guy, but not overly friendly. He hires a pretty big staff of blue collar workers in the area and lives in one of the nicer neighborhoods outside Aventador. While digging for information, John manages to find out that he not nearly as charming as he thought he is when dealing with some of the woman in the establishment.

After getting what information they can, they travel to near the estate and are able to blend in while they scope out the building, waiting for Felicia to contact them. As they wait, they see a limo pull into the drive, out stepping Felicia and Mr. Templeton. A few minutes later, they get a text from Felicia with a four digit code.

Han confronts the guards on the estate ground and plays up his persona of being a design student who wishes to meet Mr. Templeton. While they are distracted, John and the Doctor sneak in through another entrance using the code and start heading to the green house that was described by Felicia. After using the code again, they find themselves in the green house where there are many different colored roses and near each cluster of color is a gem stone of that color. They find the white roses and in a glass case in a enormous diamond.

The doctor tries the code again, but it doesn’t seem to work on the glass case. He tries another code that is his favorite, 1-2-3-4, which does not work. Han continues to work his magic with the guards. The doctor decides to crack the case on the keypad and is able to short out the connection and he is able to get the diamond out of the case. Where they bolt for it and contact Felicia.

Once they all meet up back at the ship, they head over to the Abbey where Felicia heads in. A little bit later she heads back and hands them a cred stick. She mentions her thanks and asks them for future aid. The crew heads back to the dock where they are contacted by Manny telling them that he won’t be continuing on with them for now until things work out.

A Damsel, Interrupted

Things are going shiny! Felicia’s tragic death at the hands of the Triad looks to have gone off without a hitch, the stars are ready and waiting for the next job and the crew’s eager to find some place to offload all of these guns that they.


Nearly everyone’s on the deck retchin’ up their mornin’ vittles. Even the doc’s pukin’ his guts out.

Where are we? What happened?

Cole notices right away, both before and after the strange, blinding blur of sickyness that something’s up with the weapons they’ve got stored away.

It takes a bit of digging and searching but the crew eventually discovers a few things:

  1. They went from the Georgia system to the Blue Sun system in a heartbeat.
  2. These guns (through some hackin’ and searchin’) are nearly spent and are powered by some sort of energy that shouldn’t be possible.
  3. Burying evidence in squat-soil is their MO.

The ship’s ship-shape and they’re scooting off to the Kalidasa system in search of a job (hey, we’re on a Mudder’s Milk carton!) but they’re down to one of these shiny shooters and only three others in a still-functional-but-questionable state.

Kidnapping the Lumber Baron's Lady

The party picked up a distress call from a Travis Tucker asking for help on the planet, Fiddler’s Green. His fiancee was missing and her apartment was ransacked. The party investigated the apartment with Mr. Tucker and they started to get a sneaking suspicion that maybe Felicia was not kidnapped and might have had help from some miners. While searching the apartment, a crew member who was still back on the ship noticed they were being watched. He was able to flip the tables on the watching and was propositioned for a job to transport a specific size wooden box by a powerfully ugly woman.

Mr. Tucker drove some of the crew back to the ship while one member when door to door asking questions and another headed off to checkin at the Miner’s Guild. Going door to door turned up not much other than some unusual folks visiting a few weeks back and a loud racket the night of the disappearance. Over at the Miner’s Guild, Han Nickelson was able to talk to a store owner, Dale, who used to be friends with the father of Travis. He mentions selling boots to a couple of unusual folks.

When the party gets back together, they start piecing the story into place and decide to give a call to Ms. Carson and take on the job. She agrees to meet at The Lively Sprite to discuss some questions she had about the crew and their history. The Captain is able to put her at ease and she agrees to the deal and lets them know it is Felicia in the crate.

On the way back to the ship, the crew notices that there is an increase in Triad activity and decide they should get air born and let Harriett that they need to change the pickup location. They get airborn, convince Travis that they are doing this because of security at the dock and are able to meet the new rendezvous.

Once they have Felicia on board, they discuss options with her and decide to help her out and make a fake Felicia that they can use to show she died after being caught in a shoot out with the Triad.

Why Does Everything Keep Exploding

The crew has been doing odd jobs trying to make money and avoid the Triad for the short term. While running hard, they are headed toward Regina, suddenly the ship starts shaking and the heat generator comes out of alignment and causes an explosion that cripple the ship and concuss the Captain Manny.

Han takes control and guides the ship, 2Posh4U, to a trading outpost on the planet Summerhome. Upon landing, they find the outpost more heavily fortified than the last time Han had passed through. As they exit the ship, they find the town’s folk are not really cool with the crew and are treating them with a high degree of suspicion. Luckily the party was able to talk their way back into good graces and they find that the outpost has been hearing rumors of Reavers and it just had the town on edge.

Cole Michaels tells the rest of the crew what parts they need to get and that he will start on repairs. The doctor works on Captain Manny back in the med bay. The rest of the crew book passage on local transport to head into the main town as that is their best likelihood of picking up the needed parts from Marla’s Ships and Supplies.

The crew makes their way across the desert but during the trip, their non-communicative driver is caught in a blast and the engine explodes in a ball of fire. They are able to get the fire out and begin to radio back for help, but they really have no idea where they are at other than being about half way to their objective. They build a fire to signal rescuers by and begin to hunker down in the heat using their best crafted hats that they can do.

After some time, the get through their meager water supplies and a small number of them head up to a ridge to see what they can see. From the top they see a pond of water in the distance and begin their journey towards it only to find that they are fired upon by some locals. After Han takes a shot to the shoulder, Jade is able to convince them that they don’t want any trouble. With a little more smooth talking, they find out they are near William’s Watershed and are able to radio to friend of one of the crew their location and are rescued.

When they arrive back, they find that Cole was able to put the ship back together without the parts, and the crew gets moving, heading back to Regina. On take off, they find that a large number of Triad vessels are headed their way, but with some more crafty flying from Han, they are able to avoid detection and skip out of town before the Triad get close.

Fish Out of Water

Manny and his crew are met by the sheriff on Greenleaf and is asked to transport his beloved Koi to his sister on Persephone. They agreed in return for a future favor and also a good deal on some local ore to transport. They went to the local mining company to setup the transaction which turned out to be for the lowest grade ore. Luckily Gus Pucket was able to use his family’s business, Pucket’s Buckets Mining Company to get samples and to work out a deal on the better quality ore.

Upon taking off, the crew discovers they are being followed by what appears to be a Triad vessel. Luckily some fancy flying by Han Nickelson and the use of their EMP allowed them to escape by disabling their vessel. At this point, they decide they need to know what is in the crate and if it really is a beloved Koi. Unfortunately, when they open the crate, it does appear to be a plain old Koi. But the doctor, acting on a hunch, decides to take it to the medical suite to scan it and discovers some foreign materials in the fish. They decide to seal the crate back up with the fish in it and continue on to Persephone.

Upon arrival, they find that the sister isn’t working that day. So they chill out in the lobby while the manager of the trading office calls her in to take delivery of the fish. After a few minutes they realize that something has gone awry and the local police has shown up saying they are under arrest for narcotics smuggling. Han surrenders and says that it was all his doing.

Once they get him into the police station, he asks for his one call and gets the head of the trade guild, he works for, and is able to get out of jail with a free ride back to the ship. The guild makes it clear that Han owes them on.

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